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Dear friends this topic is very essential and play a very dynamic role or role play in our daily usage.

The English alphabet has 26 symbols but the number of sounds they represent are 44.This implies that the written symbols are not adequate to represent all the 44 sounds used in speaking(most of people lack in English because of this sounds) the Language.

please make a notes in a very short way that which you have understood.please write in your own words that make you feel you better while  learning new things everyday that appear while preferring a written in a paper or a short note book.And please due remember that there is  different usage in sounds(British English and American English)    

From this inadequacy arises the problem of pronunciation.The learner is often confused because the appearance of the word - its spelling.Of course in dictionary, gives the pronunciation of each word in brackets after the main entry.But before one can benefit from such entries it is essential to know what the 44 sounds of English are and how they are to be pronounced.The list below gives these details.It begins with vowels - there are five vowels in the English alphabet and 21 consonants while in sounds (called PHONEME) there are 20 vowels sounds and 24 consonant sounds. 
such as;

Words with Multiple Meanings


  • pale/pail
  • ate/eight
  • alter/altar
  • band/banned
  • buy/bye/by
  • red/read
  • blew/blue
  • boar/bore
  • canon/cannon
  • coarse/course
  • fair/fare
  • genes/jeans
  • foul/fowl
  • grate/great
  • in/inn
  • hour/our
  • knight/night
  • no/know
  • nose/knows
  • maize/maze
  • meddle/metal
  • rain/reign
  • sea/see
  • role/roll
  • their/there/they're
  • veil/vale
Today's assignment:
Take small oxford dictionary 
1.write 10 words (any words which start from A) with sketch pens it might be blue,black or green.
2.Again rewrite the same each word for 5 or 15 times until you remember(see always remember slow and steady get win the race)
3.try to spell that words which louder 
4.stand in of the mirror (please don't laugh).
5.if you are not unable to speak close your eye and say ' I READ WELL ONLY THING I NEED TO INCREASE MY PATIENCE LEVEL'.
6.(Noun)postponement - time during which some action is awaited postponement - time during which some action is awaited; "instant replay caused too long a delay"; "he ordered a hold in the action"
7.ALL THE BEST please keep reading the give task.

Remember no one is perfect in see until know new words still adding in English dictionary and in upcoming days to my dear friends

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