Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Sri Rama never suspected His wife Sita's virtuousness! After the war on Ravana is over, He knew that the world will not accept the purity of Mother Sita's virtuousness after She was held captive by a demon for 11 months. So, He wanted to place Her above any reproach in future. It is a misconception that Sri Rama asked Sita to jump in fire. When Sita walks up to him after the war, Sri Rama, with his eyes all red and puffed up in grief on what He is about to say, says to Sita that She is free to choose any of the present kings and warriors as Her husband. 

Sita understands the true intentions of Sri Rama and invokes fire and jumps into it saying that, if she is virtuous the fire will save her from any harm! She does and Sri Rama embraces Sita happily.  But, unfortunately a lowly washer man still said.
Regarding Sri Rama sending His wife to forests, as per the strict moral code of Sri Rama, the ruling couple should be acceptable to each and every one of their subjects. WHEN A WASHER MAN DOUBTS THE CHARACTER OF THE QUEEN SITA, She can no longer stay as a queen. 

So he prefers to hand over the kingdom to any one of his brothers and leave to forests! But none of his brothers accepts to take over the kingdom as it is against their own dharma! So, Sri Rama has no choice, but to send Mother Sita to forests. After that not just Sita, but Sri Rama also suffers and cries for his love. In fact the whole kingdom suffers in the form of famines!
It is due to his strict moral code and his adherence to Dharma in the face of great adversity and personal suffering, that Sri Rama is called as Purushottam (The greatest of all men).


To test whether she had slept with ravana or not. This was, because his subjects suspected sita of sleeping with Ravana when she was kidnapped. If she came untouched from the fire, that means she was pure. Hence the term – Agnipariksha.

Sita is the greatest of all women. She respected to the words of her husband and went for Agniparisha. She showed her Patibakthi towards Rama. 


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