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This article is not only useful for educated women and also useful for uneducated women.

Before writing this article, i would like to share some questions regarding marriage life of woman: [Here I created a character name “Jyoti”]

1. Boy and boy family members

Generally they like the girl and accept her as daughter-in-law and do accept that she is perfect girl to become wife for their son and after girl marriage is done she become married woman? Agree or Disagree

2. What is the difference between the girl 

who grown up in city and the girl who grown up in village? So, here come the confusion about choosing a girl regarding where she grown – village girls vs. city girls.

3. Which girl to choose – uneducated or educated?

If she is educated – it makes easy to introduce to the world i.e, educated and proud and given extra dowry in form of education. For instance: Jyoti, MBA or Jyoti B.TECH. If she is uneducated – it makes easy to introduce to the world i.e, For instance: Jyoti is an uneducated girl and grown up in city (City girl) or Jyoti is uneducated girl and grown up in village (village girl).

4. What kind of girl to choose for daughter – in –law position? Innocent or Intelligent….. 

A simple, inexperienced, or unsophisticated (Lacking experience of culture society or not highly developed; basic) person is known as innocent girl. And intelligent girl is known as having the capacity for thought and reason especially to a high degree (knowledge - oriented). Only difference in both cases is awareness. For instance: “Did she know cooking?”

5. How to choose the girl height and what body color? 

Short girl or height girl or medium height girl, for instance: Jyoti has concession prize regarding this??????????

6. Is the girl is virgin or not???? 

Forcing her to get virgin test!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why girls are treated as cows, slavers, etc.

7. Internet world: 

Of course in 2014, it became internet world but now internet/ mobile communication have reached to all villages and cities girls. Now village girls are more intelligence's than city girls.




In India, before marriage girl carry father “SURNAME” and after marriage girl will carry husband “SURNAME”……so, same thing happen to city and village girl. Agree or disagree. But do remember that both city and village married women comes under domestic violence act.

Life in Domestic Violence:

1. Physical Harassment:  

Virgin test

2. Sexual Harassment:

Any unwanted touching or forces you to have sex in menses time. For instance: “I want to know how much of amount my wife can produce white discharge comes from beautiful body daily”……. doing inhuman things.

3. Financial Harassment or Dowry Harassment:

Controlling her mostly to get extra money or all of the money (assets)….every day harassment

4. Social Harassment:

Spreading bad rumors using religion (caste) or culture to control, her character is bad, her dressing style, Etc.

In these cases “Is divorce is sin”??????

5. Mental Harassment:

Threats, recording calls, tracking all the activities from morning to night, tracking emails, keeping mobile in busy mode, messaging like “Busy I will right back”, Practical jokes, etc., her career became kick ball, jobless or earning more salary saying that you are a very proud woman.

6. Food Harassment:

 Red chili powder, hot burning milk, hot heated drinking water, not providing water in menses time, locking kitchen doors, etc.,


Mental illness:

Psychiatric disorders are sometimes associated with domestic violence, such as borderline personality disorder, antisocial personality disorder, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, drug abuse, and alcoholism. It is estimated that at least one-third of all abusers have some type of mental illness.

My conclusion:

When Jyoti (Jyoti is an example in this article and only character name) marriage life is not in good position, the other alternative is to concentrate on her career….because career is the only way to shine in her life and with stand on her own legs to lead live hood, in such cases Jyoti will carry the name whole life i.e., jyoti ex-husband or Jyoti’s husband ….but why???? Problems are faced by her but what is the problem with regard to society ….saying or scolding her …… “YOU ARE A PROUD WOMAN AND CAREER GIRL...HAA” teasing her, what you will get……did you never think how she will lead her life …..? This is story – Life of Girl.

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