Saturday, September 20, 2014


In office - how employees track records are identified by your boss  because the only reason employees forget to delete their inbox, sent, trash .... from Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, all the best ...your boss eyes is open always. This is the main reason why clever employees resign their jobs.

So, Make sure you delete your unnecessary emails, search history in your office systems.


There is a "details" option is available in Gmail. Make sure whenever you log in you must check this option from which IP address your Gmail is operating.

Most employees are given office laptop for work and also employees are allowed to use the office laptop for home to accomplish work in home. And after finishing you work - you can carry down it for office to submit finished work which is done at home. 

But do remember that the data of "browsing history" is always stored in "Secret storage data base" box with particular password and office code.

Make sure, you use office laptop for office use only but not for personal use.

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