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(4 Cars – Toyota, Nissan, I 10 and Maruthi Swift  - 24 Family Members Including 4 Car Drivers – 330 Kms – After 4 days I Return Back by Bus Only 3 Members – 330 Kms – Crossed 2 States)

As the day started, I was feeling uncomfortable because last night writing an article about “smoking and slept for just 4 hours only. This morning I was out of  mood writing & have not checked and where to start that article.....on sudden my brother waken me said dad reached Hyderabad and mother stood there itself. Okay! It’s time to prepare food for my brother (employee).

I gathered daily newspapers, milk which is kept in front of my home gate. Immediately, my mother called to dad saying “it’s over my mother death you need to comeback soon as soon as possible. My brother left in my sister car. I and dad locked home and carried luggage in small bags.

I was so confused why dad came to Hyderabad and again why we need to start the journey what happened? Dad said “swetha it is too late your grandmother dead in this morning”. I wanted to cry a lot but unable to control my tears but hidden my tears because I do remember my grandmother last words. And you can check it in my blog - about my grandmother notice to all my followers and readers -


Hyderabad – Kukatpally

Hi-tech city, mandapur



Nagajuna sagar (siddartha resorts – for lunch)

Macherla (Road map)




Markapur is a Municipal town in Prakasam district of Andhra Pradesh, India. It is the third largest Town in Prakasam district.

In perspective I would strongly say this town is meant for small scale businesses and mostly you will find a huge business families in each home situated in this small town.

The place has abundant resources of slate mines. The town has lot of slate factories giving employment to many workers. The slates manufactured here are exported to many other states and throughout the world. Designer Slates (which are used for interiors of buildings especially for walls) are also manufactured here and these are directly exported mainly to Australia, Singapore and European countries.

Sri Chenna Kesava Swamy Temple:

Located in Markapur in Prakasam District, Sri Chenna Kesava Swamy Temple is a popular religious destination. The massive galigopuram of 135 feet of the temple can be seen from 5 km away. It is an imposing and majestic sight.

What makes this temple unique is its architecture. Every year, between 16 December and 14 January, the rays of the sun enter the sanctum sanctorum at dawn through special openings and light up the feet of the deity. This causes the deity’s feet to glow for 20 minutes every day, during which devotees throng to the temple to catch a glimpse of this spectacular vision.

The architecture of the temple is extremely impressive. It has a stunning mandapam made up of 40 pillars, which have intricate carvings of Krishna, Anjaneya, Garuda, Lakshmi and Vigneshwara riding on their respective vahanas. In the kalyana mandapam, there are six pillars that produce seven different musical notes when tapped.

The Lord is called Kesava because He killed a demon called Kesi. The deity of the Lord is accompanied by His consort, Lakshmi.


 1. My grandmother is very sweet in nature and tremendous body personality even at the age 76 too.

2. I learned rangoli from my grandmother – she is my rangoli teacher from childhood.

3. I do remember in my childhood she taught me moral stories and songs like janapadaluu like bed time stories to all kids.

4. One day I observed her calibre while watering plants – Just by seeing plant or roots or sand or leaf she justify the longevity of that particular plant and also she is able to judge the fruits and vegetables as what type of chemicals are used in it.  

5. She studied only 5th class in school age but I wonder how she is able to read Telugu Books, Magazines, devotional lord goddess books, sing Telugu songs, watch television in any languages.

6. Even she is able to write in Telugu, Hindi and English. It’s interesting right! Even in olden days there is no proper women education encourage but the education system is very good most properly teaching style.

7. My grandmother said this I do remember – Do not like variety food items that the person who is more interested in it he/she isn’t happy in Life.


1. While we have reached Nagarjuna Sagar – Siddhartha resorts & all had lunch.

Before going to have food, little kids started saying “Remember, see and listen each one should wash your hands before having food otherwise you will have Ebola. No hospitals are there nearby this place”.

There my cousin’s grandmother said “Ebola impossible in India might be you must have seen it in somewhere haha…naughty kids.

So, I said to cousin’s grandmother Ebola is very dangerous disease forming in the world I seen it in Newspaper, T.V, Radio, Facebook and Twitter.

After our dinner we gather in a place of cool fresh air from neem trees etc., so we asked her “why grandma you have laughed at kids about Ebola?”

She said “Ebola, I don’t think in Indians may not die with such diseases why because we use tamarind products, neem plants products, pepper plants products, scandal wood trees and Indian still now also we follow our ancient agricultural system.


What is Ebola?

Ebola virus disease (EVD), formerly known as Ebola haemorrhagic fever, is a severe, often fatal illness in humans. The virus is transmitted to people from wild animals and spreads in the human population through human-to-human transmission. The first EVD outbreaks occurred in remote villages in Central Africa, near tropical rainforests, but the most recent outbreak in West Africa has involved major urban as well as rural areas.

2. In mean while my other cousin is saying “How can we protect our kid’s from mosquitoes?
Solution: Apply coconut oil message every night for your body and face.

3. Some of my relatives asked me “swetha you are a blog writer so, what’s your opinion regarding cinema”
My Answer: In olden days in Indian cinema animals are highlighted as friendly way. But now in no films, animals are not appearing.

4. While the half the way of to my home town we have seen a group of goats, cows, buffaloes, and pigs. One person in our group said in my home town …cows, hen, Pigs are naturally live or way in road side but in USA…each pet animal kept in zoo or circles model and show demonstration for all. She got laugh when her granddaughter is enjoying herself and watching animals.

5. In my hometown I seen a girl just newly married, everyone is discussing about her husband who is gay. In sad mood she is saying “I don’t know anything about sex if I knew sex education I may find my husband is gay on the every first day of my first night itself”.

*Yes! It’s became very serious matter that recent days mental harassment become famous such parents are hiding their son is gay targeting innocent girls after marriage harassing her for job, extra dowry, physical harassing saying I had lover I am not gay or killing girls not to relieve husband is gay.

*But these things no one know how she is facing harassment. For Instance: Sex harassment in domestic violence, a recent government survey found that 47 % of all women report being the victims of either physical, emotional, sexual or economical violence. But   84% of those who are victims of domestic violence remain silent.  

She got very angry on Indian police saying I would be happy to see India in a good position when Indian government implements capital punishment. In the meanwhile, we have provided cold water to her. After few minutes she stated that if this is my case how I can marry second time and give birth to a girl child it is better to kill girl child in womb itself.

6. I don’t know why these days teachers are ignoring sex education in school I mean at least they can explain these things in oral way such as activities of Male, Female, Gay, Bi-Sexual, Unfit for sex, partially impotent for sex and definition of sex intercourse. So, that marriage life can be happy and go lucky.

7. Is it a saying 0r this statement is written in any book? The girl who does not spend money doesn’t know how to spend life or to lead life? Why?

8. I have seen this in website. Kindly I request my readers and viewers to read this article

Career woman is unfit for love, unfit to be wife, unfit to in a daughter in law position and one should not marry a career woman why? Then what about a career Man?

9. In return to Hyderabad I met a woman who is sited beside my seat. We both had a lot of fun as she is wife of a lecturer.

Our talks:

*Sri chaitanya junior college versus Narayana junior colleges education system.

*Our past days in college and school in Hyderabad.

*Lack of moral values in present education system such as student’s nature addicted to mobile technology in college.

*By seeing data in internet and having self – medicinal cure for disease and ignoring doctors – internet education drawbacks.

*Government school versus Private school education system.

*What our past classmates are doing now?

*Our dreams, success and failures.

10. While leaving in our bus station, finally she said I am well sad about some women who are intelligent in graduation after marriage they stop there education and their dreams become unsuccessful.

I am not interested for higher education and career development and become as a housewife for 10 years I left my dreams due to family norms”.


Be like a water but not like a fire!

Thanks for your comments.

Maddali Swetha

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