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Read this book: An Intimate Note to the Sincere Seeker (Daily Knowledge). Here Intimate means “Closely acquainted, familiar, close”

An Intimate Note to the Sincere Seeker (Daily Knowledge) is the first volume book of daliy knowledge sutras by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.  Whereas, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar was named by Forbes Magazine as the fifth most powerful leader in India

Publisher: Sri Sri Publications Trust, Art of living International centre, Bangalore, India
Printed by: Sreeranga Printers Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore, India
Key points of this book – News Flash in all over the world
Book Copyrights: 2010 Year

My favorite page in this book – Content 257 – Truth

Truth is that which does not change. Examine your life and identify all that changes as not truth. With this outlook, you will find that you are surrounded by only untruth.

When you identify that which appears to you as untruth, then you will become free from it. When you do not identify the untruth, you cannot become free from it. Your own experiences in life make you identify you own untruth.

As you mature in life, you find everything is untruth – Events, situations, people, emotions, thoughts, opinions, concepts, your body – Everything is untruth. It is only then satsang (the company of truth) happens in the real sense. For example, a mother cannot see the child as untruth until the child becomes an adult. For a baby, sweet is not untruth, and for a teenager, sex is not untruth.

Question hour: Is knowledge also untruth?
Sri Sri: Yes, if it is words, it is untruth. But as existence, it is truth. Love as an emotion is not truth; as existence, it is truth.
News Flash: June 15, 2000 – European Ashram, Germany
After an enchanting satsang on a boat in Paris, Guruji has arrived for a brief and busy stay at European ashram in bad antogast, Germany. The Art of Living in Shimla, India has undertaken a “Clean Shimla” Project and a polyethylene bag – free city project.   

A small Note:
Reason for this article: Recently, some regular readers of my blog - , requested me to share the books that inspired me in my life also to start this blog.

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