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I have my father to thank for my build and height, and my mother to thank for my lips and eyes. - Jasmine Guinness Quote (She is a designer and a fashion model since 1994, Ireland)

Why I prefer Jasmine Guinness quote - it is said that woman or a girl can be judged by seeing lips on her beautiful face. Can be judged whether she is healthy or not.

Before looking into the topic let’s see the top companies which are available in India

1. Whisper Ultra Clean
2. Stayfree Dry-Max All Night
3. Sofy Side Walls
4. Stayfree Dry Max Ultra Thin
5. She Comfort Ultra XXL Wings
6. Whisper Ultra Nights
7. Don’t Worry Ultra Thin Super
8. Kotex Sanitary Pads - Soft and Smooth Leakguard
9. Carefree Sanitary Pads
10. Apollo Pharmacy Sanitary Pads

Reusable pads:
11. Bella Maxi Soft Wings Classic Sanitary Pads

Reusable for as long as 10 years
12. Everteen Menstrual Cup

Note: Reusable Menstrual cup is suggested for physically in challenged people or completely bed patience’s for long years or months. Before you use it you need to contact a doctor.

And I don’t want to mention about another companies which are available in and importing from foreign countries with foreign brands sanitary pads into this country.

I ask all women this question? – Generally first time a newly matured girl will have how many days of bleeding in time of menstrual cycle or period ………………………………………………………………………. just human psychology question for human brain of girl or woman or the person presently who is reading this topic in my blog.

Bleeding usually will be around 2 to 7 days or 8 to 10 days incase heavy bleeding days.

Now you segregate how many girls have heavy bleeding and how many girls have normal bleeding and how many girls have Abnormal Uterine Bleeding in menstrual cycle time.

It is said that up to 80% of women report having some symptoms prior to menstruation. Common signs and symptoms include acne, tender breasts, bloating, feeling tired, irritability, headache and mood changes. Did you know it?

Also some girls or women like to drink heavy water in before menses or in bleeding time. Sometimes, few doctors’ give precautions to have medicine to get control on pains but this medicine does not cause gynec problems. That most of all in divorce cases husband report it in papers my wife have a gynec problems in menses time. I feel men’s need to be educated before marriage or before sex time.

……………………………………………………..Did ever think difference between sanitary  gel pads and normal cotton pads, did you ever read the precautions which are given in pack back side before using it.

And some says, use reusable pads which can be washed and make it dry for whole day and can be used it alternative days. But did you never think how many women’s suffer from infections, cancer, itching, anxiety and depression at last died in hospitals or sudden died.

Live Case study about reusable pads:

Take some Absorbent Cotton Wool and dip in a red or blue ink it depends on your choice which colour you like it.  And keep that wool in a cup with ink for half an hour then remove it and wash it and dry it for a day. Now can you see the cotton replaces precious fresh look before it was not dip into ink. How can you judge reusable pads are hygiene for months and years? 


Why diapers for babies - Example:

Did you ever see newly born babies or under 5 years kids wearing these diapers?  Mainly Doctor’s suggest mothers to use Pampers or Huggies branded.

These diaper pants have magic gel that locks wetness away for up to 12 hours of dryness.  Baby lotion that moisturizes and nourishes your baby's skin to protect it from diaper rash and irritation but when baby playing or crying, that means it’s time to check the diaper and it need to change it immediately. Am I Right or wrong? You see the psychology of babies who use diapers and the babies who doesn’t use diapers.

As it same:

In heavy bleeding time, sanitary  Gel pads are good for health but when there is no gel only light cotton sanitary pads how one can slept whole night……………………………….………………………………..girl or woman need to check in middle of the time or whole stress night. Bleeding come out of the underwear stick to the dress and stick to the bed. If it in the case of travelling time or long distance travelling time.

Did ever thought about heavy bleeding girls who don’t have sanitary gel pads.

You say me - how to manage. Did auto stops for her? Did bus stops for her? Did car can stop in middle of the way, did any one provide bathroom to clean or change sanitary pads. And famous dialogue you will listen from people…………………………………………….. Menses is untouchability. Don’t use bathroom. Don’t go inside the home or house. And you can estimate how government or private bathrooms look like while travelling for long distance in India.

Let’s come for Cost budget:


Earlier companies used to provide Sanitary Pads with gel based. So, the cost would be 165, 234, 420, etc.

Now, companies are not providing Sanitary gel based pads but cost is same…………………………………………………………….… Why this change came. 40 rupees pads cost 165, 60 rupees pads cost 234 and 80 rupees pads cost 420. 

Why the government is not taking action on this? And tax too.

Now, let’s come to little bit brief live case study,

See, if a girl (Normal bleeding or heavy bleeding) has bleeding days in menses time. Generally she uses gel based sanitary pads

First day: two, No gel pad - three

Second day: three or two, No gel pad – Four or Five

Third day: one or two, No gel pad – Two or Three

Four day: one, No gel Pad - Two

Five day: one or no pad (when there is no bleeding time), No gel pad – Two or one

Note: Some girls have only one day bleeding in menses day. From the next day she will have no bleeding.

Did mother-in-laws accept throwing four or five non gel pads in dustbin? Simply word from husband or mother in law – you are wasting all my money.

Health scenario:

How many Indian’s population of a girl’s or women died due to using sanitary pads?

Please kindly put your comments in this article with the medical record and which doctor gave treatment, what disease it is mentioned in death certificate.

Simply, don’t say that it is mentioned in the World Health Organization in this particular website or Wikipedia or in research books and papers or Films / movies or Arunachalam Muruganantham statements who is famous in social media these days in India.


I have a small notice for companies or customer relationship management (CRM) of sanitary napkin or sanitary pads:

Please read the letters posted by girls / women’s in your office or read comments in online selling website of your product or read the email’s which are send to your inbox and please make necessary changes immediately  before you release it in the market. Thank you!

Read everything you can get your hands on: Programme your mind to read all the time and everywhere - even in the bathroom; skim through the lines printed on the back of shampoo bottles and sanitary napkin packets.  - Twinkle Khanna Quote

(Twinkle Khanna is an Indian author, newspaper columnist, film producer, former film actress and interior designer also she is the India's highest-selling female writer of 2015)



Bindu Madhavi said...

Excellent article swetha. Keep it up

Bindu Madhavi said...

Excellent article swetha. Keep it up