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In Hyderabad, Kaala movie in Telugu release date is on 7th June 2018, I went to the movie on 11 June 2018.

A Small Crisis:

When we have (me and my own sister) has gone to Kaala movie. Where I was surprised to see that first time in the history I found that particular theater was half -full of empty seats.

My advice:

1. In 21 st century, the theaters are empty because the reason was now movies are available in famous online sites and everyone is downloading from prime video, YouTube, µTorrent, Amazon Video and some other which are unnamed websites.

2. Also everyone is interested in watching entertainment movies but they are not watching reality based movies. Because at the ending of the movie – Money Matter, see olden days to watch a complete movie it takes three days of time. They see more reality movies. What is there reality in this movie - read below?

Some advantages and disadvantages:

1. Dharavi location and area:

In the begining of the movie, I was hearing about Dharavi. I thought it is a name kept for the movie script but I got doubt and searched in Google I found this:

The Dharavi slum was founded in 1883. Dharavi is a locality in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. This slum is the Largest in the continent of Asia and one of the largest slum in the world, with an area of just over 2.1 square kilometres. The slum has numerous mosques, temples and churches to serve people of Islam, Hindu and Christian faiths; with Badi Masjid, a mosque, as the oldest religious structure in Dharavi. – Source: Wiki

Just like that you will find in Surat, Hyderabad, Calcutta, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Lucknow, Nagpur, Ahmadabad, and Bhopal.

You have seen Bombay Movie is a 1995 Indian Tamil-language Indian romantic drama. After that, now Kaala Movie - Kaala is a 2018 Indian Tamil-language action drama film.

Both are based on Mumbai issue - How the people of Mumbai daily lifestyle?

2. Kaala – The leader:

Everyone is the leader who faced the government whether it is a British government and Indian government. Most of the leaders are unknown in history.

In this movie, I have seen some scenes like North Indian versus South Indian. Yes, these types of debates are there in history right now too.

It shows the leadership lessons in good times and hard times. Even Kaala leader has a problem in marriage life and love but he has given both importances like his role in Dharavi issues, fatherhood, good husband, self – respected, will power, solved religion issues, loving family, etc.

The other leader is camera man who shouted all visual in Dharavi – This scene make me think; when he was trying to record and recording time some people come out of home. Immediately he says – Go go go inside of the home don’t come out of home…. Go go go close the door!     

And other leaders like “Anjali Patil” – who was beaten by police for their indifferent behavior and trying to project the people around her. Police got angry and removed her pants and started teasing her. She got angry and beaten all. You can see those things in Google search – police lathi charge for girls

And others are people who support their leader “Rajinikanth” for labour strike. This made me cry.

2. Compatibility between wife and husband:

Actress Eswari rao & Rajinikanth – He sings a song “Raaye Naa Range Leela” song in Telugu for his wife - Eswari rao

Watch this video:

Here the one disadvantage in this movie:
Huma qureshi –In this movie script, she explained about her marriage with Rajinikanth. But didn’t explain about why or how or when she adopted a girl, Huma qureshi middle age life history about her daughter?

3. Villain character Nana Pataker:

In this movie, after watching everyone will come to know about what Rajinikanth meant by anti social elements infiltrated in a protest during Sterlite issue, the scene reminds there are people who can mess up your protest for not getting the Justice.

Most heart touching scene is in night time current goes and come after a long time, people live with dark life. Even public toilets are locked not even cleaned. And there is no water to drink and live, immediately they cut the water lines and get water.

When media asking about Dharavi place and area – everyone are saying Dharavi people are criminals.

Nana Pataker says in one scene about touching feet and after touching his feet he says go and live happily.

Yes, it is true in real life! When you go for 'any politicians home for any help or any issues or any business meet. One has to touch their feet always.

And you can also observe in this scene - Nana Pataker granddaughter says Rajinikanth is good person do not kill him. In while Nana Pataker cleaning his weapon in knife type.

In the end, there was story about and Rama and Ravana in Ramayana. It is heart touching scenes.

And after the issues are closed all media says – Kaala is no more but Dharavi people says Kaala is alive in everyone hearts; he is our king / God and leader forever.

And in last, villain came for opening ceremony in Dharavi and sees gets shock about how Kaala is alive. And everyone sing song with bright Holi colours.

Onti Thala Raavana song video | Kaala in Telugu –

The END!!!!!!!!

So, my movie review and movie rating – 4.2/5

This movie is all about - MANAGEMENT OF CHANGE

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