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I want to say you strongly one thing Raksha Bandhan day is celebrated or festival of this month of August for siblings and cousins.

(In the epic, Mahabharat,
Draupadi tied a rakhi on Krishna, while Kunti tied her rakhi on her grandson Abhimanyu, before the Great War.) – Wikipedia

But I feel - Why only rakhi is for own brothers or own sisters??????

You can celebrate this day and can also tie rakhi to:
  • Neighbors
  • Cousin
  • Teachers
  • Friends
  • Boss
  • Principal
  • Sister to sister
  • Brother to Brother
  • Husband and wife
  • Grandfather or Grandmother – those who have no parents
  • Father and daughter
  • Mother and son
  • Wife and Husband

These traditions are followed according to every state in different style.

Why? Can you answer me?

Story 1:

My Brother invited his friend cum classmate also neighbor in the year 2008. My brother said to me that - he is like your brother just like me?

I tied a Rakhi to him, He said he have no sisters in his family. And now, he is in foreign country for education and doing job too and until now he receives my wishes.

Once upon time,
I used to see this guy in school way which is on the way to my home and college way, when I get food for my brother in lunch time and sometimes in snacks time.

Sometimes I cook food and prepare lunch box for my brother bring it to school and college. I use to see my brother classmates waving their hand from their classroom. I see so many students calling me – sister; I am here look at me.

Likewise I saw this guy but I don’t know his name. And this is what you call healing power or God Graces – I seen him immediately I tied Rakhi.

Story 2:

We all students of MEC (Maths, Economics and Commerce) intermediate course i.e 10+2 education - lost a good friend and a best well wisher , we call him Big Brother or Bade Bhai in the classroom.

He died in the year 2016. He is a very inspiring person and self made also down to earth in the our classroom where his father was our class in charge for MEC (Maths, Economics and Commerce) in our college and his brother studying same year in MPC (Maths, Physics and Chemistry - intermediate course i.e 10+2 education)

We have seen a father and a son affection and caring, how a father get angry with a son also how a son get angry which we seen how their fights in form of words. My in charge is very strict father and caring father to their son’s also for their life and we students to seen his father makes fun with us like a kid in front of his son in classroom.

Story 3:

One day some students in classroom are saying that we don’t brothers or sisters. Even my Class MEC (Maths, Economics, Commerce i.e, intermediate course i.e 10+2 education) in charge said he sons don’t have sister - What can we do? Children’s are god gift, we cannot judge god to present more kids.  

  • What God gave to us, we should get satisfy?

He said wait I will get you the most handsome, stylish and sexy boy who is our student in this college campus. He went and brought!

MPC (Maths, Physics, and Chemistry) in charge of our college also he is for MEC (Maths, Economics, Commerce) Batch head for Study period classes.

He came and said Akkaiyalu and Annaiyalu come on and said tie me - my rakhi my both hands are free no watch, no chalk piece, no books only holiday for half a day. Let’s enjoy!

Everyone tied Rakhi’s and while he was going - everyone in classroom started saying O Hello! Hey Yar! Kya Bade Bhai! ……….Where are our gifts?

He said you want gifts or helpful demands from me - Akkaiyalu and Annaiyalu!

So, we have chosen demands!

List of our demands:
  • We ask for holidays when we want,
  • Reduce home works,
  • Casual holidays,
  • No slip test every day evening,
  • Monthly treat - Ice creams, weekly treat - Pani Puri,
  • Cricket Holidays,
  • Movies – Pocket for snacks,
  • Pocket money for bus passes,
  • Pocket Money for stationary items,  
  • If we came late or not came – Full attendance for whole year
  • If we want to sleep in Economics period – Permission granted

So, he told Akkaiyalu and Annaiyalu all your wishes fulfill in this evening…… And he said I am coming dear! (An unknown person call came; we have asked him - Who is that? He said it is your sister-in-law)

He came in evening at study period time saying Akkaiyalu and Annaiyalu your gifts accepted and got our Transfer certificates and said who wants their demands; let’s take away your TC’s.


Unknown person is our sub in charge said principal is calling you sir!
And sister -in-law is our Transfer certificates.

Famous dialogue after the college time:
  • Kya mamaji hum mara rakhi tu mara hath maye.

What you want fresh TC’s?
So, funny things! Right!!!!!!

Akkaiyalu (Sisters) and Annaiyalu (Brothers) are Telugu language words

Story 4:

There are some people who beg on Happy Raksha Bandhan day and after that forget also in reverse; they say you are not my caste or not my religion or not my country or not my state.

Self fish mindset their come to us says “You are my caring sister or brother; please tie rakhi in this day for my hand. And say to all that I have rakhi tied in my hand”.

Such a self fish idiots and most of all, you will find these cases in Indian court in these categories - Marriage issues, dowry and extra dowry, rape, after marriage never care their own sisters and their brothers, cheat their parents for properties, Birth rate – Boy only or Girl only, leaving their belonged one old age home, etc, love and sex - some silent killers and some do crimes also some escape their pay high level of corruption, take way gold or silver or diamond for their enjoyments and business purpose or to build their home construction part, divorce cases, psycho families, servants who cheat and stolen things from home or office, kidnapped, etc,

So many of these cases, you will find in this Raksha Bandhan festival day every year, underline the word on specifically happens in Raksha Bandhan day every year.  

Some you may get experience and some may not have experience on these things in Raksha Bandhan day.

Story 5:

Until the year 1999, people tie rakhi’s to Traffic Police even students also. But why everyone is afraid of law and order in these days.

Only those days before 1999, everyone in the colony’s and street celebrate Raksha Bandhan festival on roads with police, traffic police, ambulance, security guards, lawyers, Judge, GHMC and fire men

In year 2000 onwards, everyone is eager to tie rakhi to politicians, film actors, sports persons, etc,

And every one is highlighting those pictures in Social Media and Newspapers also feeling greatly.

My main point is discussing about rakhi festival which is celebrated among the people who are really helping in our day to life.

I ask these questions:
  • Road accident – First who will come to you - Traffic Police
  • When you are need of - First who will come to you - Police
  • Emergence time - First who will come to you –Ambulance
  • In Hospital who will care you – Doctors
  • You need protection at night – First who will come to you – Security Guards
  • You want food emergence – First who will come to you – your neighbor
  • You want road clean - First who will come and serve you – GHMC
  • Who will help to solve your problems – First who will help you or suggest you - Lawyer  
  • Who will see your mistakes or correct your mistakes - Judge
  • When you need to protect your home or office or school – Who will come to help you – Fire men or fire women


Dear readers,
If I keep saying more stories,

I can say so many things but now it’s your turn to explain your good experience and stories of Happy Raksha Bandhan day in your life.

And protect the future generation.

I will be waiting to see your beautiful comments.

Thank you,
Maddali Laxmi Swetha

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