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Before going to the letter,

I like to give a notification that I am neutral on these discussions - Amrutha and Maruthi Rao

I am watching NEWS from Hyderabad, India and writing this letter. Take it in positive way.

  • These family matters are in confusion stage because now you are in pregnancy stage, I can understand that.
  • Even I am also girl who almost I took more care for my own sister in pregnancy stage time and I took care to her first child where my age on that time is 19 years old age.

Let’s come to the points:

Statement: 1
When husband and wife or mother and father are happy – children born

My Answer:
  • Yes, it is true my grandmother also said same thing to me that - what you said is truth!
  • Only 60 out of 100 percentage women are not happy with their sexual life and this is main secret behind beautiful Child birth.

Statement: 2
In 9th class itself you were in love and it was bad decisions

My answer:
  • My maternal uncle’s son – 8th class love story but they are educated and mature kids convince their both side parents. Now, there are settled in London both are same caste.
  • My dad side close relative – 9th class love story – matured couple both are inter- caste marriage. Presently there are settled in USA
  • My father’s younger brother - son married to inter religion unexpected marriage held, he had finished his education and both are working – Hyderabad.

Etc, and also all are living happily, educated, find jobs with working high salaries.

See what Jesus says in bible – Who knows when or where love birds met it’s all about God graces.

Statement: 3
Did Maruthi Rao don’t know that about Amrutha love affair

My Answer:
  • How parents know that their child is in love? Their secret code languages and mobile data names are unidentified, secret holiday trips, their friends, etc.

Dear readers and viewers,
  • How do you know that your child is in love with someone or not? – You have to answer to this question.

Statement: 4
You said that your father own brother’s son watching porn and you have compliant about that to their parents.

My answer:
  • You belong to your father and his brother son family matters are different.
  • In this whole world, male domination regarding porn - Where you can’t judge any one regarding any family or their own personal matters. Try to obey this truth!
  • Boys have right to watch porn but for a girl it is treated as sin to watch porn

Statement: 5
You said - your own father killed your husband

My answer:
  • You may not know - What exactly happened behind Pranay death? Pranay parent’s caste and status feeling.

Watch these videos for awareness in Internet – Debates between Hindu versus Muslim versus Christianity.

Statement: 6
Now you are a Widow!

My answer:
  • Read Garuda Purana books you will know - the theory of "heaven and hell" with "karma and rebirth"

You said due to your father your husband died. Right!
  • There is a word called “Relatives” why your relatives are not in picture why Pranay relatives are so much anxiety 

That means - what you done is wrong in life!

Statement: 7
Everyone saying Pranay is dalit and Belongs to Christianity

My Answer:
  • You need to learn about OC, ST, SC, OBC and their reservations.
  • Generally, you were more attracted to ST, SC, and OBC from Childhood that’s why; you fell in love and married him. – Psychology statement.
  • Anyhow – Court will give judgment - should wait for time – What made them to kill your husband?

Statement: 8
Why Pranay statue?

My answer:
  • What is the main reason behind Pranay statue?
  • Did you are against of reservation?
  • Or wants to show about love birds and love marriage to each parents?

  • Why government is not taking action on this Pranay statue issue?
  • Why government is giving 8,00,000 rupees for Pranay died? What is the Reason behind?
  • Why media highlighting politician seat for you? Anyhow to become a politician it is an good idea!

  • Why trust in the name of Pranay?
  • Tammineni Veerabhadram offered MLA seat to Amrutha? Kancha Ilaiah (Indian writer) is against of caste - Arya Vysya?

  • Why you need father property when you are saying kill my father?
  • All are saying Pranay is dalit but when you see their home – It looks like  that there are not dalit?

  • When your father-in-law saying – Pranay looks descent, handsome, good personality, kept a lot of finance for their life – then Amrutha father has to accept it, why killing? *Then why father-in-law didn’t agree for arranged marriage?

Statement: 9
Name’s numerology and astrology

My Answer:
  • Your name is Amrutha and your father name is Maruthi Rao These two names are looking alike and spells same.
  • I feel you become famous after marriage and your name changed like Amrutha Pranay.

Satament: 10
Who is important in life dad or Pranay?

My Answer:
  • No one girl in this world can’t answer to this question – Who is important dad or husband in life.  
  • These types of questions should avoidable because for a girl after marriage she belongs husband side whether the marriage life is good or bad.
  • Because after marriage surname is changed, basically girl lives certain life with her father and mother and rest of the life she lives with her husband, in- laws, and kids.


So, I am saying to the media stop asking her –Who is important in life husband or father? This stage in life is confused for Amrutha

So, now you are 21 years old, your main aim is to take care about your baby. And you will full fill your dreams by seeing the baby – as Pranay gift in your life. 

God Bless you for your bright future.
Thank you for Reading!

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