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Copycat Marketing 101: How To Copycat Your Way To Wealth by Burke Hedges is a motivational book about “network marketing”.
Copy Rights @year 1997
Printed in the USA, Fifth Edition, October 2001,
I read this book in year 2004

About author:
Burke Hedges is an entrepreneur, a world-renowned author, trainer, teacher, and motivational speaker. Burke Hedges has dedicated himself to positive thinking and personal growth. He has been delivering his messages through speeches, seminars and books, to millions of people around the world. His books have sold more than four million copies.

Summary of this Book:
In Copycat Marketing 101: How To Copycat Your Way To Wealth, you will find out that the present system is planned to just make brief profits, and not wealth. This book will make you aware of the fact that we have been trained to just copy others.

How to Copycat Your Way to Wealth details how you are trapped in circumstances without advancement, simply because everyone is imitating others. The author also tells us to understand and learn that the solution to riches and true wealth is influence and power. The author also says that leverage plays a key role in the creation of wealth, and that all the rich people have been copying a type of leverage called exponential growth. Hedges also states that having time on a person’s hands, may deem a person wealthy, as that person will have mental peace. You will also find out how normal average people can get away from the "time-for-money catch" by imitating an easy replacement system of money creation that will open the doors for monetary freedom at last.

My favorite Page:
Chapter – 5, Exponential Growth, Page Number – 68
Oseola was 40 years old when she was finally able to start saving money. She squirreled away pennies and nickels at first…then quarters…and eventually dollars bills. She put her savings in a local bank and never touched it. Over time, her savings added up, and the principal and interest on those savings kept building and building.

In the summer of 1995, Oseola McCarty – The elementary school drop-out who never earned more than $9,000 a year – donated $115,000 to the University of Southern Mississippi!

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